Part of the reason for my blogging has to do with the fact
that I would very much like to write a book someday. I have the gist of it in my head. I simply feel that I lack the discipline to
focus for that long on one topic. (Like
blogging is going to help with that, eh?)

There’s also the fear that I’ll spend a ton of time on a
book, only to have it repeatedly rejected. So when I found a post on Ariel Gore’s blog, wherein she was offering
advice, I gladly chimed in. 
I was even further encouraged upon finding this


2 thoughts on “URSULA, ARIEL AND — ME?

  1. That’s a neat idea, and certainly something to consider. What I have in mind; however, something a bit more cohesive.

    In fact, thinking about it, your’s would be great. You have running themes throughout. Mine on the other hand tends to me a tangible flight of fancy…sort of a “Where’s Waldo” for my moods.

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