Well, I’d been a bit concerned about how my folks were going
to deal with the New Year holiday. It is
generally a celebration held in anticipation of the year to come. And with everything that’s occurred in last
couple of weeks, along with the inevitable combination of alcohol and nostalgia
thrown into the mix, I was worried that there might be some difficulties. 

Then, yesterday, I spoke with my dad briefly about their
plans. He said that they had been
invited to their friends, Debbie and Eric’s house out at the lake. Now these are some good friends of theirs,
with whom they have taken a couple of cruises. So they knew that they would feel comfortable being there. In addition to their prior level of comfort,
Eric has apparently had severe vision loss during the course of his entire
life. So there wasn’t really going to be
any of the “freak status” that one feels when life has suddenly been uprooted
to the extent that you feel like your disorientation is so thorough that the
entire world sees you like one big walking train wreck. 

When he told me that they would be spending the evening with
these good and understanding friends, I breathed a sigh of relief. My father continued by informing me that they
would be taking their swim suits, so that they could all hang out in the hot
tub. Even I was beginning to relax into
the thought of such a night. Then, my
dad told me that Eric had said, “Now, Rodney, don’t you get any bright
ideas. Just ‘cause you can’t see what
you’re doing, is no excuse to feel up my wife.” (At that point in our conversation, coffee actually did try to come
streaming out of my nose.)

But you know, it’s a good friend who can make a joke like
that at a time like this. Those are the
kind of people with whom one needs to surround themselves. And after hearing this, I knew that despite
the fact that there would probably be a few tears shed, at least they could
have some honest laughs as well.


4 thoughts on “CHEERIER

  1. I just read the post below about your father. So sorry that your family is having to deal with this; I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for him especially since the change has been so sudden.

    Their friends sound absolutely wonderful! Everyone needs people like this in their life. I hope that they had a very Happy New Year.

  2. Gads! Me too. Good friends are like solid gold. My dad was saying that he was already starting to find out who his true friends were.
    Often times when you hear that, it’s said in the negative. He was actually referring to how great his have been.
    I guess every storm will have it’s windfall.

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