Sing it Sistah!


Kajsa had such a wonderful day. She quickly learned
the concept of presents, and was ripping and shredding like a pro in no time.
She had a great time eating candy…something that I usually keep at a bare

But I think that her favorite part of the day was
being accompanied by Chris and me every time she broke out into song. Here you
can see her just finishing up a bellowing of “Jingle all the waaaaaaaay!”




10 thoughts on “Sing it Sistah!

  1. Running2Ks:
    We have so much footage of this kid singing…and dancing…and sleeping, etc.
    I have a ton of fun with it. And she’s a total ham for the camera.

    She did. And thank you!

    And yes, thank goodness for small kitchen appliances. I feel like such a consumer! But, this is one place where I make concessions.

    Thank you!
    I hope you all did, too. 😀

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