Yes. You are indeed looking at a 21 inch Wookie Pez
dispenser. You should have seen the look of glee, as he pulled it from his
stocking. This exuberation was just barely surpassed when he tilted it’s head
back, only to hear the lovely Star Wars theme song. Isn’t he cute, my happy
little geek?

But you know, I’m a pretty big nerdo, myself. I was
thrilled to find an assortment of tiny Sharpie markers in my stocking. Each one
has it’s own cute little key ring attachment. Now I can label EVERYTHING! Oh,
yah…I’m in super dweeb heaven.




6 thoughts on “PERFECT MATCH

  1. Woah. Hold on ladies! It actually dispenses Pez PACKAGES. This is good. I thought the same thing, and was wondering where in the world I was going to find replacements.

    But yah, Goob. I agree that it should growl rather than play the music.

  2. Safeway of all places. They had them sitting in the Christmas display. I just have to wonder, how many other people would these really appeal to?

    Oh, and the sharpies…I have been a labeling fool. Chris laughed at me yesterday when he found the ziplock bag labled “Kisses – for eating.” I had to explain that we had a different bag for baking into cookies. He still thought it was a little too funny.

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