A Date! Can you believe it?


We did it! We had our first night of Maya babysitting,
ever. Last spring when Chris’ mom Lynne
was visiting, we had a night out. But
other than that, it has been 2½ years since I have been away from Kajsa for longer
than it would take for Chris to run to the store with her.

So when Chris told me a
couple of weeks ago that he was thinking of going out for an evening to see a
few bands, I was hopeful, but apprehensive. Originally, Chrissy’s (our neighbor) mother was going to be right next
door watching their children. So, I was
fairly comfortable with leaving the girls at home, knowing that there would be
an adult on the property. But then,
about a week ago, I found out that she’d be taking her grandchildren down to
Phoenix for the weekend. So I began to think about backing out of the date. 

After much discussion with
Chris and Maya, I decided to go out. Poor Maya..I kept pelting her
with evil pop-quizzes such as this one, “Maya, what do you do if you get Kajsa all hooked up to the dialysis
machine, snuggle up and fall asleep, only to wake up to the smoke alarm going

“Um, disconnect her.”

“No, there’s no time for
that. You just clamp both of the clamps and cut the tube on the machine
side. I keep scissors taped to the IV pole
just for such a circumstance. You have
to know these things. I think about them
all the time.”

“Oh. I don’t think I could forget that now.”

As I said, poor girl.

But after waffling for
several days, I finally committed to going out. I left her with instructions for every conceivable emergency. I posted the numbers for all of Kajsa’s
doctors, all extended family members and poison control. I even wrote down the number for 911…just
in case she panicked and forgot.

A friend of ours who is a
bartender had originally told Chris and Shaun (neighbor guy) about these bands
that would be playing at the bar where he worked. It was not until yesterday that I found out
the nature of the music. Oh yes, we were
off to listen to the dulcet tones of ‘Old School Punk’. And this is just so very much my
favorite. I think the last time I
listened to punk, intentionally, I was seventeen. It was 1987 and I wanted to impress some
friends who I thought were cool.

Needless to say, I’m not so
worried about impressing the cool kids these days. But, I did wear an exorbitant amount of
eyeliner last night, just to, well, blend in. Mostly, I blended in with the guys, but that’s OK. What helped me to blend in with the gals was
the fact that I checked my cell phone every three minutes. Thank goodness I was just checking to see if
my children were in mortal danger…not to determine for the 53rd
time that, no, the guy from the other night did not, in fact, call.

Bewilderingly, the only call
I did receive from Maya was because our previously good natured and ever congenial
toilet, picked last night to begin acting up. After a few minutes Chris was able to clear up the problem. I fully expected many more calls, but never
got one. Apparently, there was simply
too much fun to be had with popcorn, Dora the Explorer videos, and going both
poop and pee in the potty. I am now
completely confident in her ability to handle this responsibility. What a concept…this opens up a whole new
life for Chris and me.


So as for my brief review of the

Band number one was called
. They could be best described
as Butt Punk. You know soaring guitar
solos with a smidge of rockabilly tossed in. Their music was somewhat fun. Chris liked them. I mostly
enjoyed the fact that they seemed to be having a lot of fun interacting with
themselves and the crowd. It’s always
nice when the musicians don’t look like they would rather be anywhere but on
stage in front of all of us.

That would actually be the
perfect description of the next band, Last Action Zeros.  Well, that or prima-donnas. This band not only took themselves far too
seriously, but they were no good. The
lead guitarist had the exact same guitar as Billy Joe – from Green Day. They also had far more hairspray and make-up
in their employ than talent. At one
point the lead singer stopped the band to start a song over because they’d
“screwed it up”. That is what I call
true professionalism, right there.

Things improved greatly with
the final band, Authority Zero. These
guys played a punk that was fairly close to ska, even slowing at points to a
gentle reggae beat. This, was far more
my style of music. My favorite moment of
their set was when they slipped into a fun cover of Mexican Radio. I saw Wall of Voodoo when I was a teen and
have always felt a nostalgic touch of happiness whenever I hear this song. I actually danced for much of their set, and
feel a warm but happy reminder today in my quads. I would gladly go out to see this band

Despite the fact that I
danced only toward the end, I still stood for most of the night. There weren’t many seats available. But this allowed for a nice bit of canoodling
with my husband. And for once there was
no one telling us that we were gross or climbing up into our laps to yell,
“poopy” just in time to plop down. Nobody needed me to get water or clean their quickly spilled water from
the floor. I only went to the bathroom
when I wanted to. I did not push a stroller. Nor was I constantly looking around to spy my
wandering child. In other words I was in

As for our next date, Chris
has promised me that I get to pick out the music…if in fact we do go out to
listen to music. This will probably be
the case. We both love to dance. I could choose something that we’d both love. Maybe some funk, ska or reggae…you know, “It’s gotta good beat and I
can dance to it.” Or perhaps I’ll be
truly evil, and surprise him with opera or even bluegrass. Let’s see how well he takes being subjected
to hours on end of music that only I like.

Nah, I’ll probably be
nice. I’d hate to ruin our good time.




8 thoughts on “A Date! Can you believe it?

  1. Yay! My own jealousy aside that you got out and had free babysitting, YAY! I can now live through your fancy cool cell-phone checking, eye-liner wearing, dancing queen life.

    Congratulations to you, Chris, Maya, and Kajsa on this fantastic milestone.

  2. I was so excited for you, just reading about your successful night! How awesome that Maya can now handle the responsibility. Congratulations to your entire family – and may you have many more happy date nights with Chris. 🙂

  3. Running2Ks:
    Woah….who said free? We’re paying the kid. Not a lot…but she had to come home early from a dance to do this for us.
    And thank you so much for the congratulations.
    Yep, make-up, cell phones and mosh pits — we’re livin’ the high life now, I tell ya.

    It WAS a treat! I can’t believe I used to take this stuff for granted. But, now we know we can go again sometime.

    Aaawww. I’m glad that you could be excited with me. I love to share the good stuff.
    Reading your blog, I feel like if we lived close, I probably would have taken the leap long before now. You sound like such an awesome sitter. You’re gonna be a great mom.
    As it is, though, I’m just glad we finally did leap back into a social life, of sorts.

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