I am a student!


Now before you
get too excited and shout “Brava…How erudite of you.”… Let me explain. I am, for my mental and physical health,
taking four days of PE classes at the community college next spring. Chris offered to give this to me for my
Chris-must present. And I, in the spirit
of physical activity, jumped on it. I am
actually enrolled, have a lovely student ID card, and am earning a whopping two
credits. The classes I’m taking are
Aerobic Kickboxing and Pilates/Mat Flex and Ball. I hear these are quite difficult, but know
that I can rise to the challenge. Or at
least I hope so.

And frankly, it
was about time that I pursued something along these lines. You see, the summer that I met Chris, I had
been attending a Cardio Kickboxing class 3-4 days a week and loved it. (That’s my previous instructor, Cliff Lee, in
the picture.) Not only was it was
empowering, but I was hot! Heck, I even
had defined deltoids. For that matter,
Chris was working at a fitness club, so he was in pretty darn good shape himself. Then, like a couple of freight trains, we

I started
ditching class to hang out at home watching movies and eating popcorn – or
to go out for dinner and a beer. It was
fun. It was romantic. And it was uber-fattening. Before I knew it, I was wearing only my
dresses because my pants had all mysteriously shrunk in the wash. Then I was buying larger pants…and
larger. Fast forward through five years and
a kid who requires much ass-sitting, and voila, you have a short fat house frou
who worries about things like diabetes and heart disease. It was definitely time for a change.

Chris gets off
of work most days around 
3:30 or 4:00, and then has school at 6’ish. My class runs from  5:15 to 6:10.  Perfect! He’ll take Kajsa on the
days I have class, and then return her to me one hour later. A whole hour away form my beloved angel…I’m
in heaven. She is great and all, but
SHE’S TWO. We have had an exhausting
number of conversations about our various body parts, and the colors of all
items found within our home. For
excitement, I teach them to her in Spanish. Frankly, I think she will
enjoy the time away from me.

So while I am
very nervous about the thought of showing up to class in my sweats with all the
parts of my body I usually reserve for conversations with Kajsa, bulging out of
every seam, only to be surrounded by eighteen year old cuties with perfect
hair; I am also very excited.


6 thoughts on “I am a student!

  1. Good for you!

    We have a gym membership and I still don’t ever drag my butt to the gym. If Kid L didn’t swim, it would be a complete waste of money. Report how wonderful you feel from working out so that I will be motivated to make my body less jiggly.

  2. Will do! We have a YMCA membership, which gets Kajsa gymnastics and an occasional swim. But I have yet to step foot into the weight room. For me, if it isn’t classes, I’m unlikely to find the motivation.

  3. I admire you, owe Spanish teaching uber-goddess. You are very fortunate to have time away to take care of yourself. You are so important, and I hope you get stronger and healthier! And–I hope you really enjoy it!

  4. AAIII! You’re teachin’ that kid Spanish? Aren’t you afraid that she’ll be speakin’ Cathtillian and all the little Chicanas will make fun?

    Just kidding. I think that’s great. If I had had a second language I would have passed it on.

  5. Running2Ks:
    Thank you! I hope I enjoy it, too.

    You crack me up. How many things do I learn every time I visit your blog. If you just had to look up one thing, we’re far from even. And thanks for the compliment, by the way.

    rodney roe:
    Oh, don’t be fooled. I’m not teaching her spanish. I’m teaching her what little I know. That constists of some basic words and sentences. I’m hoping that living here, in the great southwest, she’ll be able to take some immersion style classes later on. And that way no one hath to thay nath-ty thingth about my thweetie. ;~P

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