No 2 alike

FlakeSometimes we all need something to bring out our inner child. 
Today I found this nifty site. 
And I made a snowflake (or two).   
You can, too. 
Have fun…I’d love to see yours.

See, I told you I was a bit flakey.


6 thoughts on “No 2 alike

  1. That was fun! I did a couple, but couldn’t figure out how to save the image. Now that I know how to fold the paper to make that perfect circle shape, the girls and I must have made a couple dozen. What else were we supposed to do while the Bears were on?

  2. Running2Ks:
    I’m always happy to crack up a couple of kids!

    Da Bears? Wow, that’s a blast from the past!

    You know it says you can save. I had to change the file name, though, to get it to work right.

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