I’m sorry that I haven’t been here for a
while. I’ve been feeling a bit blue
lately…and whenever that happens I tend to withdraw from all that I usually
am a part of. I apologize if I worried
any of you. That was absolutely not my
intention. In order to boost my mood,
I’ve been doing a lot of purging. Bathroom cabinets, children’s clothing, you name it. I’ve really only dialed-up long enough to
check email and see what’s going on with the family at large.

So tonight when I logged into my email
& saw a note from Running2Ks, I must admit I felt a pang of guilt. I really hadn’t noticed how long it’d been
since I’d posted anything. Thank you for
reminding me that I am not alone in the world. It is so easy for all my old childhood insecurities to convince me that
no one will notice if I slip away. Again, thank you.

So I guess with all of that said, I
should post some sort of an update.

Hmmm… Where to begin. Chris has been working non-stop – both with
Shaun and on the house. We’re
desperately trying to get it ready for company. Chris’ mom, Lynne, is coming for the holiday. His older brother Steve will also be flying
down with Elisabeth, his wife, and their two dear daughters, Shelby and
Sarah. Sadly, for us Steve et al will be
staying an hour away at Elisabeth’s mom’s house; so we will only be enjoying
their company for a couple of days. But
I guess a little amount of time is far better than none at all.

Lynne, on the other hand will be staying
with us for 6 days. And while she
graciously says that we shouldn’t feel the need to clean for her; she is still
my mother in law. And like it or not,
there are certain face-saving obligations that go along with that
relationship. It’s still going to be
great to see her!

So, I suppose that’s another aspect of
my life that’s had me somewhat preoccupied.

As for the girls:

Maya’s her normal sweet, smart
self. Her discipline with school work is
truly to be commended. Of course, she
missed the school bus this morning and had to awaken Chris to drive her in to
Prescott . I think it will be a while before that
happens again. I guess even the smartest
among us can make mistakes.

Kajsa’s just plodding along hitting
milestone after milestone. Her
vocabulary is simply growing by leaps and bounds. It is an amazing process to behold. She knows most of her colors and shapes, can
count to sixteen, and is working hard to grasp the alphabet. Today she told me that I was “So funny.” And yesterday she mastered making horsy
noises with her lips and voice.

Today was Kajsa’s Dialysis
appointment. I found out that she is to
be listed for transplant next Wednesday. I was also informed that this may be overkill, as our transplant social
worker has apparently received numerous phone calls from family members who are
interested in volunteering for donor testing. (Oh yeah, I was crying at Dialysis again. But it’s so nice when they are tears of
immense awe and wonder at the beauty of the human spirit.) They [the potential donors] have asked to
remain anonymous. I can only assume that
this is to avoid disappointing us if there is not a “good” match found. I just want to say, I could never be
disappointed. I don’t know how many of
you there are. I additionally don’t know
who among you has made this truly awesome gesture. But I must say that I am more than thankful. Even if no “good” match is found within the
group of live donors, I will always be deeply, deeply grateful.

Practically speaking, after Julie has
listed Kajsa; Sandra will begin the process to gain approval for the workups of
any and all potential live donors.

So I guess to sum up. People are great. I am tired and feeling the seasonal
change. The blues are being abated by my
love for my wonderful extended friends and family. Maya rocks. Chris is a acing his classes and working hard elsewhere. And Kajsa is still an angel.

Thank you for your patience while I was
out of touch. I suppose now I need to
check in and see how all of you have been. I look forward to hearing all about your recent adventures.


15 thoughts on “Update

  1. Glad you are back. As always ‘no contact’ means that everything is not OK. I get those periodic, “where the heck did this come from” blues. Probably another unpleasant trait I passed on to you.

    I’m so proud of you all. BTW, the picture of ‘fall colors’ is really nice. Is that close to where you live?

  2. RodneyRoe:
    Yeah, I know Heather calls when she has problems while I go hide in my room to figure it out. I guess it’s always been that way. It’s O.K. if I got it from you…since I know you came by it the same way I did.
    And the picture was taken in our yard. That’s the driveway behind Kajsa. The house is behind me and the stream is down the hill to the right. It really is quite beautiful right now.

    I’m glad you can relate. And, yes, I think accomplishment is precisely the feeling.

    Thank you. I will give them huge hugs…especially Shelby and Sarah. Kids just change so fast. Love & hugs back at you – and yours.

  3. Ah, Dr. Deb just did an entry on the subject. http://drdeborahserani.blogspot.com/

    Glad you’re back! I hope that you’ll be feeling better soon. I’d be glad to send some good energy your way. Was it you who said you were a Reiki 1? Self-healing sessions may help you feel more balanced.

    Best of luck!

    * I’m sad too lately, but for really clear-cut reasons. Unfortunately, I have a yendency to let the housework lapse as I revel in self pity. At least you’re productive!

  4. Oh sweetie, I vowed that if I saw the Bush Haiku again today I was going to pick up the phone and start stalking your voice mail. I am so glad you posted. I am sorry you have been feeling blue. Why is blue sad, anyway, blue is my favorite color. And I am so happy that Kajsa is plugging along, getting ready. And that you have family around. MANY HUGS TO YOU!

  5. Glad your back! I was wondering about you and your family.

    I have noticed that many bloggers seem to be a bit down these days. I think it is the weather and early darkness. Hope you are feeling better soon and return to posting. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and checking in every day.

  6. glad to see a post from you. i was beginning to wonder about ya too!
    sorry you’ve been blue. hope things turn around for you.
    that’s awesome that you have so many potential donors for kajsa. i hope you find a match soon. 🙂
    don’t be a stranger.

  7. Rowan, go buy a “grow” light. I know about Seasonal Affective Disorder. This time of year I would be better off having no windows in my office. Gray skies at 4:00 in the afternoon are so depressing. I don’t know why eskimos don’t have this problem. Maybe the ones that did all drifted away on an ice floe.

  8. I am so glad to hear from you, I have been waiting for an update praying that Kajsa was ok. Sorry you have been down in the dumps, I can relate to that. Also Praying that you find the perfect live donor for Kajsa. My thoughts are with you.

  9. I’m glad you’re back. Sorry you’ve been feeling blue. I’ve been a little blue myself. Mine’s a good batch of early darkness and HORMONES! I’m feeling a little bit crazier with this one than I did with Elora. The last week has been good though, the morning sickness is gone and that’s helping me feel better. I hope you guys have a wonderful thanksgiving with the family. I’m going to host dinner here with Michael’s family. Should be a lot of fun.
    We love you and miss you all

  10. This may be my last entry from work. WebSense, the hospital’s software that makes sure you are working at your job, has found my blogspot and blocked it. It has also blocked my Yahoo groups. I imagine yours will be found out soon. I’ll have to keep up from home. I know you’ve been busy with the holiday crowd. Love ya.

  11. That R2K is a good egg. I’d hoped that there wasn’t anything really wrong (of course we think of the bad stuff first. Bleugh).

    I’m sorry you’re feeling blue, but glad it wasn’t anything worse keeping you from posting. Some days (and seaons’ change) it’s just tough to find something to post. I suffer from SAD also, and could hibernate all winter if it were possible. Keep your chin up, hon. We’re out here rooting for you. ((HUGS))

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