Grand Canyon to get Glass Bridge

Taken from the National Geographic website:


August 26, 2005

Fear of heights?

This is definitely no place for you.

The all-glass, balcony-like "Skywalk"–shown in an illustration
released this week–will extend over the edge of the Grand Canyon,
4,000 feet (1,200 meters) above the Colorado River.

"The Skywalk will be an attraction unlike any other in the
world," said Sheri Yellowhawk, CEO of the Grand Canyon Resort
Corporation. The company is building the bridge in the Hualapai Indian
Reservation on the south rim of the canyon.

The Skywalk is scheduled to open to the public in January 2006
as part of a new resort on the reservation. The resort, known as Grand
Canyon West, is to include a re-created Indian village and a restaurant
perched on the edge of the canyon. Tourism is the reservation’s biggest
source of income.

Grand Canyon West will be on the western edge of Grand Canyon
National Park, about 120 miles (about 200 kilometers) from Las Vegas.
But perhaps not even the Las Vegas Strip’s over-the-top attractions
will be a match for this glass-bottom walkway over the world’s biggest

—David Braun


7 thoughts on “Grand Canyon to get Glass Bridge

  1. Oh my. I can’t even walk down the fire escape from the 2nd floor without freaking out. You’d have to pay me lots of money to walk out there. Very cool, though.

  2. It is making me dizzy to just look at the picture!
    I can barely handle those clear glass railings that they have in malls on the second floor!
    Of course, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t try walking out on it.
    I’m whacky that way.

  3. Except for heights, I’m pretty much phobia free. It’s weird that if there was a “wall” (an area that I couldn’t see through that came up about waist level) I would have no trouble. Intellectually, it makes no sense, but my heart stops beating so hard. I hope that is in a helicoptor no-fly-zone.

  4. Maybe Mr. Trump or Mr. Wynn should also develop a hotel/casino and spa right at the rim. And while their at it the place will need to be “family friendly” so lets put in rides for the kids and a wave pool at the bottom. All I’m saying is that not every place in this world needs to be over developed for selfish human gain. I think most will agree that some places such as the canyon should be kept as close to it’s natural beauty as possible. If one needs a glass walkway to see something so spectacular then they should stay in Vegas. Let me ask this When is enough, enough?

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