had a wife and couldn’t keep her…



5 thoughts on “had a wife and couldn’t keep her…

  1. I love scaring little kids ;-)> Last nite the neighbors had us over for pizza. They had ‘spooked up’ the front porch and windows, had a stobe light going in the living room and the host had a black outfit with a black hood with black cloth that hid his face. I played scary music on his Hammond organ while he went to the door. You shoulda heard ’em scream! Unfortunately, it was not long until the first batch of teenagers showed up with no costume, a pillowcase and an attitude. We turned out the lights then.

  2. ccw & Running2Ks:
    Thanks. I thought so, too.

    Maya had a few parties over the weekend. So she had a nice time. The rest of us have the flu. So we stayed inside under the covers and tried to out sweat each other.

    Rodney Roe:
    It sound like you guys had a howlin’ good time. Too bad about the teens. Say hi to Ned and Brenda for me.

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