News from Seattle


Well, Chris comes home from Seattle
tomorrow. From what I hear, he and his
siblings have been working very hard to get his mother moved in to her new
home. Evidently, they have been
unpacking as they go – so she still has a full pantry and a closet full of hung
clothing. How nice. I wish I had moving elves. Perhaps when I’m old enough to have earned
it, they will show up.

Today is the day that they move her
furniture. I think I’ll be rubbing
someone’s back tomorrow evening.

For a break, last night, Chris went to a
haunted forest with some friends and family. Among them were our friends Michael and Jenn. Jenn is about my height and startles somewhat
easily. So she was the main target for
all the spooky, jumping out of the corn rows –  ghouls.

Jenn and Michael’s daughter Elora just
turned 3 this month and we were sad to miss her party. But, according to Chris, we will soon have
double the opportunity to make it for this family’s big birthday parties! Elora is going to be a big sister!! They are so excited! Jenn’s due date is June 22.

Congratulations you guys. I’m so happy for you!!!!

Well, I now have two close Seattle
friends having babies next year. I guess
it’s a good thing that I moved away. Apparently there is something other than caffeine in the water these




2 thoughts on “News from Seattle

  1. Hey Rowan,

    Thanks a lot! Sorry I haven’t called. Between falling asleep at oh 7-8 and feeling pretty puny all the time, I just haven’t been very social. In fact I just caught up on about 2 weeks of you blog tonight. We’re all very excited here. And I can’t wait for the ‘morning’;) sickness to end.
    Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday Presents. We got it yesterday at Rebekah’s, Elora’s been doing puzzles constantly since last night. She loves the backpack.
    I’m so happy to here that Kajsa is done with all of her tests. That’s great news!

    We miss you and love you all, I’ll talk to you in person soon,
    Jenn, Michael, and Elora

  2. So glad to hear that she liked them!
    Wow, it took a round about way for those to get to you, huh? Oh well. Better late than never, I suppose.
    So sorry about the morning sickness. Hopefully, it’ll pass soon.
    I’ve been meaning to call you, too. It seems like things just pile up in the evenings, and by the time I think to call anyone it’s already 9:30. I promise I’ll phone soon.
    We sure miss you guys and think/talk about you all the time.

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