flood-proof bike

We can file this under “ingenuity”.

I guess necessity really is the mother of invention.


This New Orleans resident did not evacuate the city during Hurricanes
Katrina and Rita and awaits its rebirth. He continues to reside there and has
created this mode of transportation in preparation for any future flooding.

I found many other photos from Katrina here.


2 thoughts on “flood-proof bike

  1. Ummm… Reminds me of the story about Boudreaux and Thibideaux’s wives sitting on the second story gallery watching the flood waters rise. Ms. Thibideaux says “Aint dat Boudreaux’s hat down der? Look like it keep floatin’ in dem straight line.” Ms. Boudreax responds “Yeah, dat Boudreaux,I tell him you gonna get dat grass cut come hell or high water.”

    Something tells me a two story bike is not going to work. Call me crazy.

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