lil’ punkin

PumpkinWe’ve all seen the pregnant women who use their bellies to create a pumpkin costume for halloween. 

But today I found a whole new way to incorporate babies into your Halloween celebration.


Pretty nifty, huh?


12 thoughts on “lil’ punkin

  1. Your neice, Devon, will love the Homer Simson pumpkin. I was doing OK until I saw the Dubya pumpkin. SCARY! I’m sorry. I saw the fetus pumpkin as sort of deranged. You continue to find the neatest stuff.

  2. the fetus pumpkin – interesting but I don’t know what it is, fetus’s and babies carved or molded out of potential food kind of gives me the abdabs. It is a personal weirdness on my part.
    Very cool pics and links!

  3. Ok, I must live in a cave b/c I have never seen a pregnant woman use her belly in person or picture. Very interesting! Now, I wish I was going to be big by Halloween.

    While that is some amazing carving, I cannot imagine actually wanting a pumpkin like that. It sort of creeps me out.

  4. Wow, everybody!

    I feel like a total freak. Here I thought I’d found something cool, and it turns out I’m just a bit deranged. Hmmm. Oh, well…maybe next time.

    I can’t believe that some of you have never seen the pumpkin belly. That was always one of the things I missed about having spring babies. Maybe it’s just because I have lived in warmer places.

    I think the belly masks are wonderful. The pumpkin probably would make a nice form for that.

  5. I’ve never seen a belly used to draw a fetus on, but we went to a halloween party where the mother-to-be had an ‘8 ball’ painted on her very pregnant belly and her husband went as a pool cue. Some sort of message there that I was afraid to try to figure out. Something about being behind the 8-ball.

  6. I thought the fetus pumpkin was beautiful, but then, I’m a doula. I was pregnant with my first baby during halloween, and it didn’t even occur to me to do a pumpkin-belly. I did dress up as Santa Claus, though, which drew a lot of attention from all the kids. I wish I’d thought to have a sack of cookies to pass out or something.

  7. rodney roe:
    She should have been a magic eight ball. She could have dolled out rote predictions all night.

    That’s really cute. Did you take any pictures? They’d be great to show your child.

    I’m glad someone liked the pumpkin. Maybe it’s only interesting to the birth obsessed.

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