Way better than a flaming bag of poo!

Have_a_bootiful_halloween_1I found the following post on a message board today.

I am SO going to surprise some neighbors!


Came home from work – it was late and I was beat, my back has been out
for days and I just wanted to sit with a beverage with my feet up.

the doorbell rang… made me mad, I had to get up and answer the door.
Looked out in the dark, no one there – looked down and saw this cute
Halloween bucket filled with presents, a white ghost cut out and this

You have been Boo-ed!!

The phantom ghost has come round
To leave these goodies you have found
And since the ghost has gotten you
Read closely now what you must do.

First, post the ghost so it is seen
On a door or window until Halloween
Then no ghost shall come to your house again
Be sure to participate– it will make you grin

Next, please do your part: You have only one day
so everyone else has a chance to play,
Make 3 treats, 3 ghosts and 3 notes
-Get the gist
And deliver to families who might have been missed.

Deliver at dark, in the black of the night.
Ring the doorbell and run so you stay out of site!!
Have fun and remember, try not to be seen,
Let us share in the spirit of this Halloween!!!


3 thoughts on “Way better than a flaming bag of poo!

  1. Lorna:
    I think that it will be just that. I love to spread blessings whenever I can.

    I can see why you don’t celebrate Halloween. While you and I have some very different belief systems, I enjoyed the beauty of your blog. You seem to be a very kind, strong person. It is nice to meet you. Thanks for posting.

    You live in NY, right? I don’t hink you could do this anyway, as I hear that city never sleeps. *wink*

    Perhaps, if there’s someone you’ve observed that you’d like to know better, this would be a fun way to meet.

    Speaking of unusual encounters, did you ever read Running2Ks post about her “stalker friend”?

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