Happy Housewarming!










Well my mother in law, Lynne, sold her
house a couple of weeks ago and has been searching for a new home since. That is why I am happy to announce that she
bought a house yesterday. It is exactly
what and where she needs it to be, and I don’t know if she could be much more

The hard part of the whole thing,
though, is that the buyers of her place want to take over on the 24th. That is only about eight days away, and she
was starting to sound a bit nervous.

Today while we were chatting on the phone,
I casually mentioned that I wished we lived closer so that we could help her
move. We talked about a bunch of other
stuff and I told her I’d have Chris call her when he got home. A couple of hours later, Chris arrived and
gave his mom a call.

Well, long story short, Chris leaves on
a plane bound for
on Friday. I’ll be picking him back up
on the following Monday. She managed to
find a fairly good rate, and is just so happy to have the extra help (not to mention
getting to see her baby boy), that it probably wouldn’t have mattered if she

Hopefully, they’ll get some time in to
play a couple of card games and catch up face to face…just so long as they
get the job done. I can’t wait to see
pictures of the new place and hear all about their visit.

Super Huge
Congratulations, Lynne.

May this new home bring you much joy and


6 thoughts on “Happy Housewarming!

  1. Oh, I’m sure he will. I kind of wish I could be there, too.
    But I know I’d just want to run off and visit friends. So it probably wouldn’t be as much fun as it is in my imagination.

    And thank you for the banner compliment. 🙂

  2. I must be blind, I didn’t notice the new banner until reading Running2K’s comment. I like it very much!

    Congratulations to your MIL on her new house. I hope Chris has a good time visiting his mom and that they get everything ready for the move!

  3. That’s cool that your hubby got to go help. I have a friend that lives in Seattle, and I hope that some day I will be able to visit. I’ve heard it’s beautiful down there.

  4. Yep, he leaves in just a couple of hours. I’ll miss him. But on the positive side, I get so much room to sprawl for the next few nights!

    ccw: Thank you for the compliment. At first, I was nervous about it because it seemed so big. But I’m getting used to it.

    And Sarah, I think you should absolutely go to visit your friend! Seattle is such a beautiful and unusual place. Just make sure it is summer when you go. That way you might actually see the sun.

    By the way, it’s funny that you say “down” there. Seattle is actually fairly far north. It just doesn’t seem like it due to the Japanese current. I always found that to be fascinating.

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