Come on, vamanos.


I don’t know about you, but in my family
there is simply NO privacy. If I am,
ahem, indisposed anyone can and will walk in, at any time.

Kajsa is, in fact, convinced that when I go
potty she must accompany me. She runs in
and slams the door behind her.  No sooner
is the door closed than she wants it open. What is this kid, a cat? Needless
to say, I am seriously trying to curb her enthusiasm for potty parties.

Well, last night as we were all settling
down, I attempted to sneak away to the bathroom. But alas, it was not to be. I was just doing my thing when in popped
Little Miss Enthusiasm.

Wham! The door slammed shut as Kajsa simultaneously yelled, “Open –

Always trying to instill good manners (and
fully expecting to hear a sweet little ‘please’), I said,

“Kajsa, what do you say?”

To which she replied, “Abre!”

Gee, do you think she watches enough Dora?


6 thoughts on “Come on, vamanos.

  1. That is so funny!

    There is no privacy in my house either. The kids and the cats come in when I want a bath or go to the bathroom. One cat actually wants to sit on my lap as I go. I think I might build an outhouse, surely they wouldn’t follow me outside?

  2. rodney roe:

    Too funny about the cats…. The former residents of our house actually kept their litter box in the bathroom. So we have a cat door in our bathroom door. Unfortunately, Kajsa has learned how to unlock it. So even if I lock the door, she sits outside and throws “gifts” in to me…toys, CDs, dog food – you name it.

    See, it’s a smart woman who knows how to put it to good use. I’ll have to hone the bilingual tendencies.

  3. Haha. I keep telling my husband to stop talking to me when I’m in the bathroom, because I only have a few more months of bathroom peace, I’m sure!
    What a smart little girl you have!

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