Inner Hair Color

Your Hair Should Be Orange

Expressive, deep, and one of a kind.

You pull off "weird" well – hardly anyone notices.

Several years ago my friend, Yvonne, was diagnosed with
breast cancer. As I met her on Fridays
to paint her toenails wild colors and talk about our love lives we had a
continuing theme. We would always come
back to how much we both wished we’d been born with bright, flaming red curls. She considered chemo to be the reset button
on her hair curse – mousy and unmemorable. So each and every week we would send out a call…and plea…a
requisition to the universe. Please, oh
please, let Yvonne’s hair grow back in bouncy and fire engine red.

She eventually did get her hair back, but it looked just the
same. By that time she was just happy to
not be sick. But I’ll never forget
sitting there at the UW hospital, finding incredibly hopeful and funny ways to
pass the hours. It was worth it just to

Lo and behold…years later I found a link to this silly
little poll on the Sweet Potato Queens site. (Yes, more irreverent and lovable women!) As I answered the questions, I had no doubt
in my mind what the results would show. Strong, weird and orange! I lost
track of Yvonne a couple of years ago. At
that time she was 4 years into remission. I pray that this has not changed. So to Yvonne I dedicate this post. I love you wherever you are.


7 thoughts on “Inner Hair Color

  1. Hugs and prayers to Yvonne. What a touching post. My friend, Tara, is a breast cancer survivor. Her hair came back gray. At first, she was upset that she wasn’t allowed to dye it. Now, she loves the salt and pepper look.

    And I was orange, like you.

  2. Lynn took the quiz and was Orange too. We answered two questions differently; what color our hair is (duh) and what kind of musical act we would be. She was the leader of a punk rock band and I was a guitar virtuoso.

  3. Thanks for bringing awareness of breast cancer to our thoughts. With the 1/8 lifetime risk for women we will all have friends and relatives who are stricken with this awful illness. I hate losing contact with old friends, and with our moving, and lack of effort, we have lost track of a lot. We had a 5 year remission card from a friend and haven’t heard from her since. I hope she is still around.

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