Another one bites the dust


Well, we can now check another item off of Kajsa’s
pre-transplant list. Yesterday we had
her very first dentist’s appointment. And today, our lives are full of stickers.

You see; in order for transplant to be performed, we
need to make as certain as possible that Kajsa is decay/infection free. The reason for this is that after her transplant
she will be on a whopping dose of immunosuppressants. Therefore, any infection that may be present
now, could run rampant throughout her little body later. And we don’t want that.

So we called last week to set up her appointment with
a dentist in
Phoenix. While on the phone I said, “Just give me your
address and I’ll mapquest it.”

“Oh no”, said she. “It’s too easy for that. You just
get off the I-17, turn left and go two blocks. We’re right there.”

I should have known better. I got to Phoenix  on
time. I turned left. I drove back and forth on
Northern  Avenue  for 10 minutes. Spying a promising looking office complex, I
proceeded to weave my way through its maze of buildings. No luck.

Remembering that I’d seen a gas station a little ways
back, I pulled in and began The Hunt for Quarters. I found one. I looked further. Nothing! So out comes the wallet. I have a debit card. Wondering how much this is going to run me, I
quietly thanked Carrot Top for being so annoying that I actually remembered the
AT&T number.

“Hello, thank you for calling Dr. Feldhake’s
office. How may I help you? Hello. Hello?”



“Hello, thank you for calling Dr. Feldhake’s
office. How may I help you? Hello. Hello?”


I would have to pull up next to a broken pay
phone. Running into the gas station I
was dismayed to see the clerk conversing in Farsi to what I can only imagine
was his most beloved. I don’t know if it
was the look on my face or the panic in my voice, but he was more than happy to
let me call the dental office. 

“Hello, thank you for calling Dr. Feldhake’s
office. How may I help you?”

“Yes, I just called from a payphone that didn’t work.”


“I got the wrong directions. I don’t know where I am.”

After a few more nonversational acrobatics we got it
straightened out and I again hit the road – to the backseat screams of,

Arriving I ran in (one hour late) to the office
holding Kajsa. When I put her down, I
realized that we were both covered in foul, sticky crap.

“Here’s her insurance card. We’ll be right back.”

We finally got cleaned up, which is more than I can
say for the bathroom, and returned to the waiting area to fill out the health
history forms. I swear, I really should
just bring my own. I scribbled
frantically, as Kajsa bounced off the walls and attempted repeatedly to stand
on all the furniture.

After I dotted all my Ts and crossed my Is we walked
out to put all poop cover clothes into the car, and got back refreshed and rejuvenated
just in time to be called back into the exam room. Our dental assistant was a super nice guy.  Sitting in my lap (in the dental chair), Kajsa
proceeded to charm the heck out of. She
admired his tattoo (“Tattoo…nice!”) and told him how old she was. He in turn let her wear his safety glasses
and got her Tinker
Bell and Barbie

I had spent some time this past week prepping Kajsa to
open her mouth and say, “Ahhh”. So she
was ready. I forgot; however, about the
X-rays. But Kajsa was a real trouper.
She bit down and held her head just so. We were blown away by her cooperation. Yay, Little Doodle!

When the actual dentist came in and took a look, he
said that she appeared to be free of any cavities. Then he pulled out the magical Little Mermaid
toothbrush and showed her how to scrub. She loved it and brushed her teeth in the car ride home, right up until
the moment she fell asleep.

Milestone – check

Pre-transplant duties – check

Awesome kid – check


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