Mr. October



So I know that this is a
totally different type of post for me. But, In the name of family loyalty, I am going to put it out there…but
not as much as
Forest has. You see, Forest
is my husband’s cousin. And for the past
few years he’s been working as a male model.

Well, he recently got this
in Cosmopolitan magazine.

Oh, it
gets better. The section that he’s in is
titled “Guy Without His Shirt”. This is
found in the Guy Candy portion of the periodical.

“And why are you telling me
this?”, you might ask. Well, you see,
every month Cosmo has a new shirtless guy featured, and we as readers, are asked to “rate this
”. And so, every day I
dutifully log on to the Cosmo website and vote for
– Mr. October 2005. He gets a score of 10
from our computer each, and every 24 hours. I do this because…if 
Forest wins, he gets a full spread in the magazine, thereby
increasing his ahem, exposure, and furthering his career.

So now I ask you to give it a
try. Go ahead. Log onto the Cosmo website and give Forest a big fat 10.

‘Cause if you do, then maybe
I can take a friggin’ break! 




5 thoughts on “Mr. October

  1. I did it. It’s painless. You don’t have to sign up for a years subscription to Cosmo. My vote left him at 7.98. Most of his votes were 10 so you have to get in there and vote. My initial reaction was how can it be that low and then I realized a single vote of one makes someone’s 10 vote average 5.5 😦

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