What tha?


For all of us out there who just can’t wait for Halloween,
they’ve finally arrived.
What, you may
ask, has arrived?

Well, Jones’
newest line of holiday sodas, of course.

They come in four toadally scary new flavors. I think my favorite may be ‘Strawberry S’lime.” But then again, that’s about as
gastronomically desirable as your likely to find. As those lovely reviewers over at
x-entertainment put it:

You can’t purchase the four flavors in a set; instead, each
is only available in its own four-pack, with half-sized cans that seem
perfectly generous to anyone who’s ever had the overwhelming pleasure of
drinking caramel apple soda.

While you ponder this you can find out what flavor of Jones
soda you are. http://blogthings.com/jonessodaquiz.html  Here’s my result:

You Are Green Bean Casserole Soda

Vegetarians taste better!

What Jones

Soda Are You?

Like I didn’t already know that.

Happy mass marketing Halloween Everybody!


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