Why do they always give such
beautiful names to these horrors?

My parents are actually in the Smoky
Mountain/Blue Ridge Mountain foothills in the western part of the state, and
therefore not in any danger. My sister; however, lives in Wilmington
which is on the coast. The governor issued a warning
to coastal residents warning them to stay in their homes. The main concerns are
the flooding and the 85 mph winds.

I spoke with my dad earlier today. He told me
that while she is OK, she is a bit miserable. They have phone, no T.V. and are
not able to go outside for any reason. Apparently her dog keeps going to the
bathroom on the carpet since she cannot let him outside, as he’d be blown away.
Ophelia, while only being a class one hurricane, is a wide storm with a really
big eye, so they’re stuck for a while.

She’s a bit worried about her new salon. She
has most of her stalls rented out, but was relying upon some big jobs this week
to make rent. I realize that after the
recent devastation, this may seem like small potatoes to you all. But, you know it’s my baby sister and her
family. So, I will be keeping her in my
thoughts. I hope that you will, too.





6 thoughts on “Ophelia

  1. Off topic, I love that red dress! It is so pretty.

    I hope that your sister, her home, and shop all come through the storm unscathed. It is not small potatoes, you are talking about her livelihood.

  2. Tiffiny:
    Thank you for the compliment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

    Yah, Devon looked so beautiful. They had the dress made for my sister and Drew’s wedding. My personal bonus was that they had some of that red fabric left over. Maya and I have both used it in our bedrooms.
    And thanks for the well wishes for Heather and her shop.

  3. sending good vibes to your sister. hope she continues to stay safe and well. and that her shop is unharmed.

    bummer about the dog having to pee on the carpet.

    i love the name ophelia too.

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