I’m starting to get
a bit nervous, and I’ll tell you why.  We have a very exciting appointment
coming up on the 20th.  That Tuesday we will be meeting with
Kajsa’s transplant team.  Wahoo!
At that time, we
will receive information regarding all the tests that she will need to have
(blood, tissue, etc.)  There will be more information, but I don’t know
what it might be.  Since we haven’t had a donor volunteer come forward
yet, I’m sure that we’ll be focusing on the process of cadaveric transplant. 

The exciting part of
this is that once she has finished all of her tests, it could happen at any
time.  The difficult part of this is that once she has finished all of her
tests, it could happen at any time.
Let me explain that a little bit.
When a kidney comes up as a match, they call the top three possibilities.
Whoever is closest in similarity, gets the organ.  We’ll be carrying a
pager and driving to Phoenix
the call comes.  While this is very exciting, it is also
somewhat befuddling.  It has an effect on many parts of our lives.
Such as; do we make plans to leave for Christmas?

I spoke with my mom
about this last night.  Her immediate reaction was, “Well, of course that
takes precedence.”  And while I do agree with her, it is still hard to consider.
I know that Maya looks so forward to seeing her cousin, 
Devon —and
that the feeling is immensely mutual.  Additionally, I want my folks to
get to visit with wee Kajsa.  There’s that vacation from everyday, magical
Christmas thing, too.  We’ve already spent one Christmas vacation in the
hospital.  For more info, you can read here and here.

But enough of the
whining about what might be.  That’s all so intangible at this point
anyway.  The fact of the matter is that the operation that we have been
anxiously waiting for since Kajsa was sooo small is, in fact, imminent.
Perhaps that is why I’m focusing upon the petty stuff.  If I were to look
at the big picture right now, I might get horribly intimidated.



3 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. I hope the appointment goes well. Keep us posted. I can only imagine what you must be feeling – probably a whole spectrum of emotions about all of this.
    Kajsa is in my thoughts.
    Hugs to you!

    P.S. Thx for all the comments lately on my blog. 🙂

  2. I think your feelings are probably normal. I am sure it is easier to worry about the small stuff, so that you are not overwhelmed by the grandness of what is happening.

    My thoughts are with your family.

  3. Glad to hear you have successfully navigated the first hurdles! I’m on the list here in Maine. Kajsa and your family are in my thoughts. And as for little stuff… whatever you need to do to get through it, you do. If there is anything I can do, drop me a line.

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