Originally posted on Flickr

I came across these on Flickr today.  They were posted by ‘slight clutter’.

And the caption read:

  • 39269972_181abfbfb9" I didn’t notice the "emergency exit" when I took
    the photo, but found the words to be very apropos once I noticed them. 
    It’s a terribly blurry photo, but, for some reason, it is one of my favorites
    from last night.
  • 39706434_9f78d82a65"Make-shift relief distribution centers are popping up all
    around the city. Right down the street from the Astrodome, a group of seven
    strangers who had been turned away from the Astrodome a few days ago when
    wanting to volunteer started a food, clothing, and toy collection and
    distribution center. The local Toys-R-Us allowed them to set up in its parking
    lot. The operation seemed to be very successful. I’m really happy with the
    folks in my city at the moment. They are showing their true colors, and those colors
    are beautiful."
  • 42052975_c8be548ac3"I had the pleasure of meeting Dijonaisse (12) yesterday. She
    is a complete beauty. She is intelligent, thoughtful, and responsible (helping
    care for her five-year-old cousin). She has a bright future ahead of her."
  • 39712135_7bbb64176b_1"A makeshift relief collection and distribution center popped
    up in the Toys-R-Us parking lot, Toys-R-Us generously lending about half its
    lot for the disaster relief efforts. This little girl, Breanna Sutton, and her
    sister were mostly smiles while I talked to their grandma. Children should have
    toys. It adds some normalcy to otherwise anything-but-normal times."
  • 42003955_a54b09f113"Morgan poses while her grandmother Marie laughs heartily."

  • 39737240_bdd840f8c6"This particular distribution site was so much more than
    bananas, oranges, and chips. This distribution site was pizza and bar-b-que.
    The volunteers came geared up to make a difference…bar-b-que pit and all."

All photos were uploaded by ‘slight clutter’.

After all the scary rumors and heart wrenching images of the
past week and a half, it was indeed heartwarming to find such a positive and
hopeful set of photos!


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