Self Portrait Friday 9-2-05

Katy has a repeating post on HER blog that she calls Self Portrait Friday. I don’t know if this originated with her, but
I think it did. So that’s who I’m giving
the credit to.  (By the way, I found out about this over at Amy’s Place.)

Each week, Katy sets up a different thematic self portrait to
take. This week was:

“Let’s see you where you hang out and watch your TV. Show me
your lovely furniture and how you get comfy on it.”

Well, unfortunately, I usually do T.V. from right here. We don’t have a couch so we tend to just
sprawl around on various chairs or beds. So
without further ado:


805_053Here’s a photo of Kajsa and Chris watching Monsters Inc. on
our bed. Television just seems like a
great excuse to cuddle with the baby, doesn’t it?


805_0592This is Kajsa and I sitting at the computer. We often are this way when the T.V. is on.

In fact we’re both sitting here right now as I write
this. The T.V. is off, though. Maya’s spending the night with a friend and
Chris is reading up on Cichlids. Gee, we
have such lively weekends, don’t we?


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