Can it get any nerdier than this?


I actually looked up my name on Googlisms Here are the
results. Perhaps they are not all on the
mark, but most are at least interesting. I got the idea from Hanuman 

As you may already know, I have a comment for
everything. This is no exception.

  • Rowan is used as both a feminine and masculine name (Yes,
    this is true. I’ve met many young boys
    with my name. In fact my husband always
    wanted to have a son named Rowan. Then
    he met me. Oh well.)
  • Rowan is a Scots Gaelic name meaning red (While I do burn easily, I am politically blue)
  • Rowan is the proud mom (Oh yes I am)
  • Rowan is also known as the witchen tree (I’ll get you…and
    your little dog, too)
  • Rowan is a fast (Is that like smart or slutty?)
  • Rowan is associated with protection against witchcraft and bad luck (I’ll save
    you and your little dog, too)
  • Rowan is a native species to Ireland and the rest of Europe (Vague definition,
    but actually true about me)
  • Rowan is not a commercial species in Ireland but nevertheless plays an important
    role in upland forestry as one of the few…
    (I am just sooo wild)
  • Rowan is the faerie of the group (I DO believe in faeries, I DO believe in faeries)
  • Rowan is the wood to use for making any magical tool which has anything to do
    with divining
    (Apparently, though I’m not so good at finding water or I wouldn’t
    be smack dab in the middle of Arizona)
  • Rowan is always nervous of everything that the villagers do
    (Ooooh, I am – they scare me so)
  • Rowan is lovely in a fey sort of way (Why thank you)
  • Rowan is proud of stealing 21 ceramic penises that were part of a domestic
    (Oops about that ;D)
  • Rowan is noted for having lovely white flowers in May ( I’ll have to post
  • Rowan is the tree of protection (But I’m thinking of branching out)
  • Rowan is the second moon of the year (Chris is the first. We DO have such wild New Years parties)
  • Rowan is the composer of many published hymn tunes (my secret
    life – I’m also a top government spy)
  • Rowan is anyone who believes in loyalty (You can be Rowan, too)
  • Rowan is me (I can be Rowan, too)
  • Rowan is beautiful and light and I like the idea of the spinney (I was right
    there until the sentence changed on me)
  • Rowan is the long haired tortoise shell (Kind of a platypus type of thing)
  • Rowan is the second moon of the Celtic year of thirteen moons (people just can’t
    stop talking those parties, can they?)
  • Rowan is found in woodland (every chance I get)
  • Rowan is destined to love (cool!)
  • Rowan is so thick you can cut it with a knife (but please don’t)
  • Rowan is related to other sorbus species (I’m also related
    to Maya, Chris & Kajsa)
  • Rowan is an outstanding tree full of berries (Outstanding in the woodland?)
  • Rowan is a tall (Yep, 5’1&3/4”)
  • Rowan is connected to a tale about the drinking cup of Zeus (I’m going to have
    to look that up)
  • Rowan is an accomplished ninja swords (More secret life stuff.  These guys are better than James Lipton)
  • Rowan is their hip trip (I also skip and backflip, don’t
    give me no lip)
  • Rowan is approximately 189 (but it doesn’t show because I
    use the following)
  • Rowan is involved in developing new products for skin care
    and other markets
    (See above)
  • Rowan is suddenly thrust into an investigation where not only must he help stop
    a sadistic serial killer
    (as opposed to a gentle friendly serial killer?)
  • Rowan is considered by the sturdy people of Rin to be a shy
    (Hey, wait a minute!)
  • Rowan is the avoidance of being overly influenced by forces outside yourself
    (like google?)
  • Rowan is a member of the rose family (that’s Roe’s)
  • Rowan is called upon to be the next chooser (anything I
  • Rowan is a small tree rarely growing to a height of more
    than 15m
    (still thinking of branching out, though)
  • Rowan is clearly on the crest of the new wave in charitable thinking (see my
    last post)
  • Rowan is located on highway 3 in north central Iowa (Not any more, but when I
    was a teenager, I lived in Des Moines)
  • Rowan is not your average guest minister (No, but I am ordained)
  • Rowan is often the only tree species which has so far
    withstood all environmental pollution
    (awesome, plant more Rowan trees!!)

Let’s hear it for geek games.

Perhaps you can join in.

What does Google think of you?


3 thoughts on “Can it get any nerdier than this?

  1. The first Googlism for “David” is:

    David is coming

    Could be worse. Here’s some others:

    david is an occult/satanic symbol
    david is littered with porn
    david is a mofo
    david is having a case of roid
    david is uploading barncam pix now
    david is science editor for parade magazine
    david is god
    david is soooo hot
    david is sorry for his sin
    david is delivered by a geological catastrophe
    david is the devil
    david is missing
    david is committed to not ever charging registrants in wattle
    david is a model of modesty
    david is a professionally qualified mathematician with proven problem solving ability

  2. Google thought a whole lot about me:

    brandy is a fan of jeans
    brandy is going to be a mom
    brandy is now available in the 3 most
    brandy is dandy but lysol is quicker
    brandy is right
    brandy is latin
    brandy is beautiful
    brandy is dandy 02/19/2002
    brandy is a hot little pussy waiting for a fuck
    brandy is a steak star
    brandy is in need of a loving home in pa
    brandy is trying to live her life to the fullest but dang
    brandy is not trying to fool anyone
    brandy is built like a country road
    brandy is a mother
    brandy is well understood
    brandy is now available in the 3 most popular brandy pre
    brandy is a richly col
    brandy is dandy but lysol is quicker an edited version of this article first appeared in the november
    brandy is blended of 6
    brandy is made by mixing alcohols distilled in 1892
    brandy is a liquor distilled from wine
    brandy is right a post every half
    brandy is doing well
    brandy is latin for goose
    brandy is dandy
    brandy is distilled from white wine
    brandy is medical director of dominic a
    brandy is distilled from fruits such as grapes
    brandy is an interpreter for bbc basic
    brandy is a demanding process
    brandy is cognac
    brandy is an easy way to end a meal of too much food
    brandy is just what the doctor ordered for the cold weather
    brandy is a mixed
    brandy is divided into four main categories
    brandy is one of a kind
    brandy is singing before she can fully talk
    brandy is *so much* in charge that when she decided to adopt
    brandy is my
    brandy is the product obtained by distilling wine
    brandy is the most wonderful woman in the whole world
    brandy is a 5
    brandy is a distillate or a mixture of distillates obtained solely from the fermented juice
    brandy is obtained by the distillation of fermented grape juice & is suitably matured oak wood casks for a minimum period of three year
    brandy is a steak star steak au poivre
    brandy is married and having a baby
    brandy is named la fruteste after the river “the fuefuki river” which runs near our vineyard
    brandy is often made from thin
    brandy is a pure
    brandy is a distilled spirit
    brandy is the star of the hit series “moesha”
    brandy is served as an after
    brandy is the distillation of a fruit wine
    brandy is an avid supporter of her own organization
    brandy is produced makes it healthful and with high gustatory and aromatic qualities
    brandy is distilled from fermented fruit
    brandy is no surprise to police officers
    brandy is what results from distilling a wine made from grapes
    brandy is a 5 year old female
    brandy is
    brandy is a soft
    brandy is distilled from fruits other tha grapes
    brandy is our home and field companion throughout the year
    brandy is a beautiful spanish student combining her studies with escorting in the london area
    brandy is a spirit
    brandy is mixed with tea
    brandy is back on her feet and getting ready for the mtv awards
    brandy is in her second season as the golden eagle after spending two years at eastern wyoming college
    brandy is 24 weeks they will start her on steroids to help raylin develop her little lungs faster so when and if they have to take her she will be in
    brandy is here to stay
    brandy is simply the end product of distilled wine
    brandy is stronger
    brandy is already a top recording artist for atlantic records
    brandy is now 23 and has come full circle to deliver “full moon” her latest cd on atlantic records
    brandy is denomination in the honour of town ani ? that was the capital of ancient armenian empire of
    brandy is distilled from cherries and is often called by its german name
    brandy is placed in handmade casks made of oak from the monlezun forest
    brandy is a special ballerina dressed richly in her outfit of black velvet and a shirt bloused out with 8 layers of tulle overlayed with white
    brandy is also produce in other countries such as german
    brandy is a real estate agent that is known in the community of henderson for their dedicated client service
    brandy is not the same as the ideal wine for drinking
    brandy is pictured here at about 1½ years
    brandy is so much higher than that of wine
    brandy is undergoing chemotherapy treatments every three weeks
    brandy is back autographed cd promotion
    brandy is back
    brandy is a very successful young lady
    brandy is basically made by fermenting fruit juice and pulps
    brandy is pregnant? and if so
    brandy is pregnant
    brandy is about to step back onto
    brandy is a symphony of apples which were matured in the limousin wood into a “perfume”
    brandy is a distilled spirit made from wine or a fermented fruit mash

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