Bluesky_grandopeningpostcard_1My sister, Heather, just opened a new salon. And I just couldn’t be much happier for
her. She’s an amazing stylist.

Heck, the fact that she can do anything with
my limp mop should be testament enough. But she does more that any old thing with it. Last year, Heather gave me the best hair cut
of my life
. Whenever my mom goes to
visit her, people actually stop her on the street to ask her where she got her
hair done.

I’m not kidding.

So if any of you happen to live in eastern North Carolina, please go check out BlueSky Hair Salon in Wilmington.  You can even stop in at the Tidal Creek Food Co-op downstairs
first, for some good eats.

And when you
do drop by…will you say that Rowan sent you? Or even better yet, just give her a big old hug from her very proud



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