Which came first?


I think one of our chickens just laid an egg. I was reading my email, when I heard a racket
going on outside. One of the chickens
was going “brock brock brock BROCK, brock brock brock BROCK!

I looked out the window to spy Cosmo (the
rooster) and the orange chicken looking into the bushes, in a very concerned
manner. I think the white hen must have
been having quite a time of it to need both a birthing coach and a doula. I’m very curious about this since I’ve never
witnessed foul labor before.

Later, when they aren’t looking, I’m gonna sneak out and
take a peek to see if there’s an egg.

That is if Cosmo will let me. He’s very mean spirited, and knows that I’m afraid
of him. Honestly that cock would have
made a great fighter. And he doesn’t fight
fair either. He usually lies in wait for
when I’m out walking Kajsa around the property, and then flies out at me in a
flurry of feathers, beak, and ugly old chicken feet. I’m just waiting for the day when he bites my
ear off.

We should have named him Mike.


One thought on “Which came first?

  1. Yeah, there’s just something about those Mikes. They’re all up to no good!

    ::singing:: Gonna have some chickies. Gonna have some chick-ies….

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