Quotables from The Tick


Yes I know this is a bit
odd. But I was feeling curious and
slightly bored.

I could be doing worse
things, you know. 

  • I am a citizen
    of the moment. I built my white picket fence
    around the "now" with a commanding view of the "soon to be".
  • Death.
    The eternal blink; a capricious dance of ‘now you stop movin’ forever.’ 
  • Squeeze
    the milk of life into your dirty glass and drink it warm.
  • Well,
    look at me, babblin’ like the brook that knew too much. 
  • You’re on
    a first name basis with lucidity, little friend, I have to call it Mr.
    Lucidity, and that’s no good in a pinch.
  • Alone is
    an unfortunate predicament, Lone is an aesthetic choice.

Thank you
for indulging me.


8 thoughts on “Quotables from The Tick

  1. I followed you here from one of your comments elsewhere, because I just had to see who this Rowan was. Is that your real name? My daughter is named Rowan also, it’s rare to find girl Rowans.

    Oh, and, I LOVE The Tick!

    Off to check out your veg links now. 🙂

  2. “Thank you for teaching us all that Love is thicker than most bodily membranes, but not quite as sticky. And that a heart full of love is better than a body full of people. Verily, the feet that carry us on the heart’s path today will be the feet that soak in the steaming brew of happiness tomorrow!” – The Tick

  3. “You’re not going crazy, you’re going sane in a crazy world!” – The Tick

    Rowan – You and your family will be sorely missed at the reunion this weekend!

    Love, Dave

  4. “Babies, chum. Tiny, dimpled, little mirrors of our ‘usness’ that we parents hurl into the future like leathery footballs of hope! And you gotta get a good spiral on that baby or evil will make an interception! Ready? Break! 1, 3, 13, 26, HIKE! Go deep, Arthur! GO DEEPER!!!” – The Tick

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