I should know better


You may have noticed that I didn’t post for a couple of
days. Well, I actually was in the middle
of an email the other day, when I got up to check something in the other
room.  I returned to find Kajsa up on
the chair banging away on the keyboard. This is her favorite forbidden pleasure. (I’m not sure if she’s trying to be like me – or kill the thing that
competes with her.)

I promptly removed her in an attempt to return to my
previous task. As I typed I was shocked
to see that my screen began to display the following ty7fsi4g4n of
let455jkter. I picked up the keyboard to
check for lose wires, (Oh, please let it be a lose wire!) only to have water
pour out of the side of the thing.

Pan in to Rowan’s head turning in slow motion to the left to
stare in horror at the half empty glass. No, it was truly NOT half full.

So I waited for two days, in hopes that it would dry out, much
as I’ve had digital cameras do. Yes, I
once dropped a digital camera into a pitcher of water while handing it to my
mother at a Mexican restaurant. That was
another one of those slow motion moments. It dried right out and worked later that day. Yes this is a glowing endorsement for the
Minolta DiMAGE.

Anyway, that totally did not happen with the keyboard. So I took the token trip in to Prescott’s
fice Max – where I stood staring at glittery overpriced office gear for about
45 minutes – during the course of which I talked myself into and out of every
style and price of keyboard. This is
truly sad considering that there were actually only four choices. Oh, well. No one ever said I was impulsive. At least I don’t think so. Well,
maybe, but I don’t remember it. You

I ended up getting the lowest grade ergonomic keyboard…the
one without hot keys that will do everything from finding five of your favorite
WebPages to apparently preparing your espresso. Well, maybe not that much. But,
it was pretty neato. So her I am with my
grade B ergonomic pad, hunting and pecking away. I’m not exactly certain how staring unblinkingly
at my hands will help my back to feel better, but I’ll keep going. I’m sure it will all work out in the long

At least if I find a way to keep the baby (and water
glasses) away from the computer desk.


7 thoughts on “I should know better

  1. I had been wondering where you disappeared to and was hoping all was ok. Glad it was only a keyboard/water malfunction.

    We have an old keyboard that Jody cut the cords off of on the floor for Ava to “type” on. Maybe you could give that a try with the busted one?

    Your story about the camera cracked me up. Something about a camera in a pitcher of water at a Mexican restaurant gave me the giggles. 🙂 I once jumped into a river with my camera securely fastened around my neck. Oops! Thankfully, it dried out too.

  2. I’m glad you liked the story. My mom actually hated the photo I’d just taken of her. But, I saved it anyway, as it was such a timely memento.

    Jumping into water with a camera sounds just like something I’d do, too.

    I think Chris already disposed of the keyboard. He’s been on a major purging kick lately. I can’t really blame him. Our house is much too small to keep any extemporaneous items around for very long.

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