A couple of weeks ago, I post this:




Last night I was reading over at falling down is
also a gif
t, when the phone rang, and
who should it be but my friend Gem.

I was so
excited to hear from her. I admit it. This is partly because I am truly
one of the worst people in the world when it comes to keeping in contact. I
think about the people I love daily, but it is always when I’m driving into
town, lying down to go to sleep at night, or some other inconvenient time. My
parents live on the East Coast and I inevitably think to call them at
11:00 their time). 

So Gem called, and I was so happy. Gem is
one of the people I’ve known for the longest continuous amount of time in my
life. For much of this time I’ve considered her to be my best friend. And this
is not because we get together all the time and giggle about cute boys and
shoes – although I think that may have happened once or twice. Come to think of
it, it was usually more akin to guffaws.

And, frankly, I haven’t spoken with her in, like, five
months. But, (and she would heartily disagree with me on this) that doesn’t so
much matter, because when we do talk, its as though no time has passed.

You see, we have history. We have great
memories together – sitting on the porch together with Aaron (Freedom) playing
guitars (them) and singing Bob Dylan (all
of us), while six week old, Maya contentedly cooed and nursed away in my lap.
We have bad memories, too. Neither of us has always been the family centered,
mama oriented gals we are now. We’ve had our share of angry betrayals and even
fist fights as well as other stupid mistakes. (I’d write more, but that’s for
another day and only with permission first.)

Gem watched Maya for me daily as I went to Massage School .
She considers it to be her breaking in time for learning how to really be there
for a kiddo. (She and Jordan now have two truly amazing and lovely daughters of
their own.)

She was my Matron of Honor at my marriage to
Chris. Maya was my Maid of honor and seeing them there together was a beautiful
sight I will always remember. Yes, we have history.

So last night when she asked me, “Rowan, how
come when it had been 5 months since we’d talked you didn’t call? Why didn’t
you think to yourself, ‘Maybe Gem lost my number.’?” Well, I didn’t have a
whole lot to say. “Ummm…you know me. I’m bad at that stuff…always have
been…you know that.” But between you and me, I know that the reason is so much more
simple. Down in my heart of hearts, I know that our friendship will always be
there. No matter what changes we may go through, (from living in our vans down
by the
 park, to Masters Degrees and second mortgages
– or – living with goats and kidney disease) we will always be there for each
other. She’ll always be the friend I can relate to on the most heart-felt
fundamental level. And I’m not worried that that will change.

Yes, I’m going to make an effort to be a
better friend…one who actually calls. I’ll even write it on my calendar if I
have to. But even if I get distracted by my full life, sometimes; I’m not too
worried. I know that I can pick up the phone and within a matter of a couple of
sentences, we’ll be right back to guffawing over husbands and shoes.

So you can imagine my surprise when out of the blue, Gem
called me last night. She told me that
she’d had dinner at her brother’s house in Issaquah, last night, so she’d swung
by and picked up Maya. They had a really
nice time.

We got to talking about how quickly kids grow up. She expressed regret at having not sent the
“Wild Child” dress that we’d passed down to



and Ella.

We talked about how each of the kids had fit
this persona in their own ways. You can
read more about disparate personalities here.

Then, Gem said that she’d send it along to me, and that
maybe I could send it back to her for her next kid…unless it was a boy and then
she wouldn’t need it…

Wait a minute – Hold the phone!

“Gem, are you pregnant?”

pause – pause



Gem’s going to have another baby. She is about 6 weeks along, and they are very

is, of course, hoping to have a boy this time. We’ll see.

Either way, I’m so excited for her.


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