How does your garden grow?

…and pretty maids all in a row…

Can you believe the size of these zucchini?

They are as big as Kajsa’s legs!!

That’s what I get when I don’t visit the garden for a couple of days.


2 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Too funny. Is that the John I’m thinking of. If so, I’m betting that he had a “mess” in his yard, too. Maybe not in the same way, though. Speaking of those guys, I’ve started doing a Pilates tape each day. My neck feels longer and my abs are holding up my fat quite nicely. Chris tells me I look better, but the scale disagrees.

    As for the hard baked earth…Chris cheated and used Shaun’s roto-tiller. It STILL took him two full days to prepare the garden. That’s before he put up my six foot fence. I got to enjoy standing back and pointing.

    We have tomatoes that are just starting to go nuts. I went out there yesterday evening and gathered a bunch. The branches are everywhere and hide all the fruit. I had to lift huge tomato boughs to find them. It was like an easter egg hunt. I’ll take Kajsa up there tonight.

    As for the melon…it really does look like the aliens have landed! There are flowering tendrils going everywhere (throughout the garden and over the fence). Between those and the runner beans, I think the Javelina should be appeased.

    I cannot imagine the work it would take to ‘tame’ a garden. It seems to me that the mystery of what will happen is part of the general appeal. I love it!

  2. I haven’t, but Chris has. It was bigger than Thor. Yikes!

    We can smell them some mornings and we see their burrowing areas down by the stream.

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