What NOT to Watch


o Kajsa and I have this little routine. When she wakes up in the morning she’s usually not quite finished with her dialysis therapy. So I go into the bedroom and read until my tongue feels too wide to fit inside my mouth anymore, and then we switch to some toys. Stuffed bears and rag dolls with lots of imaginative reasons for hugging are her favorite. When her therapy ends, I disconnect her and we head out to the living room for cereal WITH MILK. She contentedly splatters milk all over the floor while I stand amusedly by, unabashedly slurping my, oh so delicious, coffee. This truly is domestic bliss.

Then, we have mid-morning decompression time, alone. Kajsa watches Nick Junior and Noggin, while I check email, friend’s blogs, and write for a bit. We both savor this time and do not (either one of us) feel neglected by the other.

there are occasionally THOSE NIGHTS, when for one reason or another
Kajsa’s dialysis doesn’t begin until really late at night.
were visiting with friends, had to go shopping (30-45 minutes away from
home) after Chris got off of work, or some other excuse.
Kajsa doesn’t mind much as she is a complete and total night owl. But, the next morning is rough.

Kajsa awakens, I read, read, read, we play with toys, we change diapers, we read some more, and then Kajsa is bored. The last dwell cycle has only just begun, so I know I have more than an hour left to go before she can leave the bed room. I look up at the T.V. in our room. Not only is it not hooked up to the satellite, but by now Dora  and Blue’s Clues have been replaced by Will Smith yelling “Yo, Holmes, smell ya later.” The bed room T.V. does; however, have a DVD player attached to it, thanks to Dear Maya’s  generosity.

So the hunt ensues. WHAT have we not watched 1,000,000 times? I toss aside The Never Ending Story, Princess Bride, and Willow as non- animated movies can only hold her attention for so long, and were, in fact, bought for the rest of us to enjoy. Maya’s movies: Princess Diaries, Mean Girls, and Never Been Kissed are way out of touch with any two year old’s interests. And if I have to watch: Shrek (1 or 2) http://www.shrek.com/ , A Bug’s Life, Babe, or Ice Age even one more time – well let’s just say you probably won’t be hearing from me again for a looong time (visualization includes padded walls and lots of rocking).

And here is the point of today’s ramblings. What
else is out there that will amuse my two year old without driving me
insane or ramming right up against my eco-feminist-commie agenda?
Disney is sooooo overtly sexual, while Warner Brothers is chocked full of senseless violence. As Ariel Gore puts it in “The Hip Mama Survival Guide”  (Awesome book, by the way!):

  Coming Soon to a Theater Near You:

      • Snow White and the Seven Patriarchs
      • The Bigot King
      • Codependent and the Beast
      • Unconscious Beauty
      • The Little Mermute

I even went on line yesterday to try to find cool, family oriented movies. You know flicks that fit into a category with movies like The Borrowers, James and The Giant Peach, or The DarkCrystal.
I ended up with pretty much nothing inspiring enough to even comparison shop. (Yes, I love comparison shopping just long enough to find a super great price and then log off so that I don’t spend any money. Don’t ask me what that’s all about, ‘cause I haven’t a clue.)

~*~Oh, and by the way never enter ‘Cool+Movies’ into a search engine unless you actually ARE looking for porn. Because, honey, that’s what you’re gonna get.~*~

But back to my question… If any of you out there in this great big world of ours, have come across any super fantastic, grab you by the *fill in the blank*
, and don’t let you go – movies that are just as captivating for little
kids as they are for on the brink mommies, could you please let me know.
I don’t care how old they are. I just want them to be gender/race/socioeconomic/religion-neutral, eco-friendly, and consciousness raising, cheap entertainment.  Now, that’s not too much to ask, is it?


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