Kajsa has now officially graduated to three word sentences. Almost everything is followed by “too?”

Yesterday, for instance, when we all got into the car to head off to Burro Creek, I was strapping Kajsa in when I heard, “Thor beach too?” After looking down at here for a minute in a “Huh, that couldn’t possibly have been you.” manner. I said, “Well, yes, Kajsa, Thor is going to the beach with us.”

Her use of the word ‘too’ is growing everyday.

She differentiates between too and two by the use of a Y sound – or perhaps in her case it is a J. Who knows? When asked how old she is. She will confidently reply, “Tyoo.”, as she flashes you her little fingers. Its just too cute.

She is also getting quite proficient with The Itsy Bitsy Spider. She knows all the hand gestures and wants to do it all the time. We sing the song every morning and night while we check her blood pressure – or B.P. (said beeepy). We now consistantly get nice low readings, and she gets to clap ferociously every time the song comes to an end.

Additionally, her favorite color appears to be “YELOW! She gets so excited whenever she finds something yellow and screams it [yellow] while waving the object around for all to see. Everything else is identified by the use of the following tactic. Kajsa will pick up the item, gaze at it curiously and then hold it up for me to see, while questioning, “Yellow?” “No, Kajsa, that’s blue.” “Oh, boo”.


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