happy news

Kajsa had her Dialysis appointment today. It went mostly very well. Kajsa had dropped some weight. I knew this would be the case as she’s been vomiting A LOT lately. This was averaging around five times a night for a couple weeks, but has settled back down to once every night or two. So we should see her weight climbing again this month.

Her labs all looked good. This is only about the second time that there has been nothing medical for me to adjust, and it felt great to hear this! They reprogrammed her dialysis machine’s pro-card today. She will now have 1 hour less total dialysis time per night. The dwells will be longer and therefore more productive. This leads to not needing so many. Therefore, 10 hours per night – instead of 11. Yay!!

Now, for the super cool news: The drum roll, please…We will be meeting with Kajsa’s transplant coordinator next month. At this appointment we will receive gob boodles of information/preparation and BEGIN HER MEDICAL WORK-UP! In case that means nothing to you…here is what it means to us. Step one of transplant has now come to pass. Kajsa will be going onto a donor list to wait for a kidney. This is incredibly exciting!

I found out about how much time we would have to spend living out of the Ronald McDonald House. It looks like about 1 week in the hospital with three weeks at RMH. This is because she will be having appointments 3 times a day/3 times a week for 3 weeks. We’ll have to be at PCH at 8:00 am. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not exactly what you might call an early riser.


We can do this. We’ve already seen so much more difficulty.

This is a known event.

This is an expected and anticipated event.

This event will lead to improved quality of life.

This event makes me sit at the computer tearing up with relief.


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