Another dose of reality

I can’t recall ever meeting someone and hating them from the depths of my being.

Neither can I imagine killing someone; especially if they simply happened to be in the way of the person I had originally planned to kill.

Furthermore, I cannot, in any tiny fiber of my being, fathom murdering innocent children.

Yet, today I heard on NPR of a suicide bomber in Baghdad, who did just that.

My memories of the broadcast include these snippets:

  • At least 26 Iraqis, almost all of them children, have been killed by a suicide car bombing in south-eastern Baghdad.
  • A car drove up to a US army vehicle and blew up as troops gave sweets to the children, a witness said.
  • A television cameraman working for the Reuters agency said nearby houses had been demolished by the explosion and pools of blood collected in the street.
  • At the nearby Kindi hospital, correspondents say hundreds of distraught relatives wandered along the blood-soaked corridors shouting and screaming as they looked for their children, many of whom were badly mutilated.
  • “I rushed outside to find my son. I only found his bicycle,” he said.
  • This attack also saw the victims gather round US troops who were handing out sweets, to mark the opening of a water treatment plant.

I honestly do NOT know how to fit this imagery into my view of humanity as “basically good”.

I refuse to hate people simply because I am hated by them.

I loathe the mere idea of an “us” and a “them”.

I feel so sad today.

I just had to put this out there before it ate me alive.


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