good people make good times

Well, I’m beginning to think that we make a great excuse to visit Arizona. Between ourselves, and our good friends and close neighbors, Shawn and Chrissy, we’ve had an almost continuous flow of visitors.

Paris has been here several times to pick up, or simply visit Maya and the rest of us. He surprised the heck out of her by showing up for her birthday. And we all had a really nice time bowling and having dinner at The Prescott Brewing Company.

Then, as you may remember, we had a whole gaggle of guests last month for Kajsa’s second birthday. Lynne, Erick and Katie (along with our little family) paraded up to the Grand Canyon, where we literally had a big time. Lynne stayed for ten days, and we really would have loved to have seen her for longer.

Last week we were pleasantly surprised by a phone call from Chris’ aunt Wynne; saying that she’d be in Tucson, and would love to swing by on their way home. She and her husband Rick dropped in for a couple of hours. We had some lemonade and caught up on their family. It sounds like they stay quite busy with their beautiful home and plethora of grandchildren.

More recently, Shawn’s father came to visit with his girlfriend. So yesterday, we again trekked out to Burro Creek. I’m not sure, but it seemed to be even more gorgeous this time. It was so hot when we got there that we made a quick beeline down the path to the beach tearing away all extra clothing as we went. As soon as we were in our suits, it was straight into the cool (not cold) water to float aimlessly for hours.

This time we had thought to bring Kajsa’s little camping chair to set up in the shady little nook. After she’d played at the waterside long enough, she was quite content to sit in her little chair eating Pringles and watching our shenanigans.

Although Chris left his fishing pole behind this time, he brought a bucket and the little net from his aquarium. He, Ember and Ash (Chrissy and Shawn’s kids) spent a lot of the day catching wee fishies and dumping them into the bucket. At the end of the day most of them were tossed back in, but Chris – being Chris – just had to keep some. We now have three new addititions to our aquarium. (I’m just glad I don’t find frogs in his pockets on laundry day.)

Of course, there was much cliff jumping to be done. Oh, no, no, no, not by me. I left that to Chris, Shawn, Shawn’s dad John and two more of our friends who came with us, Lee Anna and Little Gary. They had so much fun leaping from the cliffs. Even young Ash tried a modified version.

Around dusk we hiked back up the hill to have our sunset barbeque. We had just lit the charcoal and were digging out the condim

ents when Chrissy shrieked. In the silence that ensued, we all heard the unmistakable rattle. I am telling you, I’ve never seen so many feet in the air and onto chairs, truck beds, and tabletops in my life. After verifying that it was indeed a rattle snake, Shawn proceeded to do a little “entice the snake into the open” dance, whereupon he whacked it with a stick. It headed as quickly as it could for parts unknown…not to be heard from again.

Well you know the rest of the story. As soon as “out there” became scary…we all had to go to the bathroom. So there was much galumphing around in small groups with eyes and ears pealed for any critters. Yes, right about now I do miss the Sasquatch stories of the Pacific Northwestern Forests.

We all eventually came through our adventures unscathed, and the food was delicious (but quickly eaten). The drive home was peaceful as everyone sat back refreshed, sun kissed and full.

I can hardly wait for our next visitors. Perhaps we’ll find a new wonders to see. Maybe we’ll sit back and catch up while sipping lemonade or local microbrews. But if I have my way, we’ll head back to the beauty of Burro Creek to float gently along for another pleasant afternoon.


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