Not too bad

So, we’re back from Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We had a really great experience there. The surgery went very well. Kajsa came out of recovery and was trying to walk the very same day. She could only take a few steps, but the next day she walked me around the floor until I was exhausted. Also, there’s a wonderful playroom for kids to do projects or just have general play time. The floor she was on is all nephrology, hematology & oncology patients, so she was safe to play with all of them. What a great thing

Despite hernia sugery usually being outpatient, Kajsa stayed 2 nights. One was because of her health history and the second, to check for leakage during dialysis. Everything went well, and we were free to go.

The whole experience was just so positive…beginning with the Ronald McDonald House. They have private rooms with shared bathrooms. There’s a huge kitchen with several stoves, fridges, dishwashers, etc.

They have lots of public foods stores, which, of course includes ice cream, as well as private storage for each family. Each night a volunteer group cooks a large dinner for guests. We had quiche cooked by a local Girl Scout chapter. They even left some cookies behind!

There are indoor and outdoor play areas with lots of toys, a large library of books and videos. We watched Along Came Polly and Weird Science. The media room has a big screen TV and two computers. All in all, had we not been there in anticipation of surgery it would have made a nice mini-vacation. Apparently, when we go in for her transplant, we’ll be assigned a long term “suit”, which has a kitchenette. How wonderfully civil. This eases my mind a bit regarding the amount of time we’ll have to spend in Phoenix. Also, they were pleased with Chris’ cleaning of the room so not only did we get our deposit back, but we no longer have to go through social workers to reserve our rooms.

PCH was also a very nice place to have to stay. While we were there Kajsa got to feed the fish in the coy pond and look at the train track that runs through one of the outer courtyards. Chris highlight was getting to put Kajsa into the ejectable seat of an F16 fighter jet on the day that an air force crew visited. Apparently they are in charge of development of these seats and talked to Chris for a while about it. For me this was like listening to a foreign language.

We got back the night before last, and so far Kajsa seems to be feeling even better than before she went in. What a great time we live in!


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