hidey-ho neighborooney

So a couple of weeks ago I told you about our having seen the ring tailed cat on our way down to Wickenburg. Well, a few days ago, I was coming back up that hill, when I saw a very funny looking lizard. I would have stopped to gape longer, but a car was coming up behind me pretty quickly.
When I got home, I told Chris about this reptile. Grey and reddish splotches, about 2 feet long, but stumpy looking (due to it’s fat tail), with a commando crawl type of walk. I joked with Chris that I had thought about bringing it home, but with my luck it’d be a Gila Monster.
I forgot about it for a couple of days. But today, I remembered and decided to look it up. Lo and behold – IT WAS, IN FACT, A GILA MONSTER! I didn’t know that they were this far north and I’d heard they were nocturnal. I feel so lucky to have seen one.
As I said before, I’m getting a great zoology lesson living here. Its such an adventure. I’m always on the lookout for the next amazing critter. But even with all the excitement, I also know that I certainly hope I never break down on Yarnell Hill.

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