Father’s day update

What a beautiful Father’s Day. We drove out to a little place called Burro Creek. It was about a 45 minute drive, so we left at around 4:00, in order to arrive just in time for the sun to dip back behind the rock face.

If you look below the cliffs you can just barely see the river peeking out from behind the hill that we climbed down for our swim. It was so beautiful – cool, but not cold. I’ve lived in the northwest for so long that I’d forgotten there was water that you could simply wade right out into.

Kajsa sat on the edge dipping her feet (encased in their new cute aqua socks) into the river for a while before she discovered sand and began to repeatedly bury her legs and then rinse them off.

We all took turns watching her. For a while I just floated on my back looking up at the deep smoky eggplant striated with bright corals and ochres; juxtaposed to the bright robin’s egg blue. Shawn and Chris put on their goggles and swam down to look at all the 1-2 foot fish swimming around beneath us.

As dusk settled, we climbed back up to the camping area to grill up dinner, which finished just as the sun was setting.

All in all, it was a truly lovely day.
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