And I thought the world didn’t get me!


You are an Enchantress, somewhat of an enigma, you would love to change the world. You holdstrong views and, would love nothing more, to use your magic to change the world around you.

When in conversation, you listen, take on their comments, and fantasise how you could improve things. Quite the idealist, you think you have all the answers, whether for right or wrong. You hold your intellect high, and believe you can change the world! In a relationship, you need a partner of high intellect. The world and you, often seems at odds, with you frequently seeing things from a different point of view.

You have a connection with nature, often stating, that things will take their natural course. Nevertheless, secretly, you would like to use nature to your own ends.

Your good points are that you are intelligent, instigative and thoughtful and your bad points are, you can be single-minded, misled and remorseless.

You feel that your superior knowledge should astound everyone around you; and you wish for respect from your peers.

Are you a Princess, Enchantress, Faerie, Mermaid or Toad? (with pictures!)
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