The Mecca

Well last night Grandma watched Kajsa while Chris & I went out to dinner ALL BY OUR SELVES. This is the first date we’ve had since Kajsa was born and so we made the most of it.

We drove the 30 miles into Wickenburg to a little cantina called The Mecca. We walked through the bar and out to the side porch where we could watch the pedestrians while listening to the music coming from the restaurant’s bar. It was loud enough to hear, but quiet enough to have an easy conversation. They played neither country nor hip hop so we were quite content.

We started out with some tasty drinks while we decided what to eat. The food was truly nothing spectacular, but between the strong drinks, the gentle breeze and the flirtatious guy across the table I was so glad to have braved the non child world. Certainly the piece de resistance was the dessert. Oh my…they took a piece of cheesecake and turned it into a chimichanga (read deep fat fried). It makes my mouth water to think of it now.

So, I’ve decided that if – no when any of you visit us, we’ll have to swing by The Mecca. We’ll just make sure we’ve already had dinner and go for drinks or dessert.

Afterward, we took a nice meandering walk through Wickenburg and then headed home. As was to be expected, Kajsa was fine while we were gone. Too bad we waited until Lynne was about ready to leave. We can hardly wait for the next visit. Maybe we’ll even have another date.


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