On Friday our immediate

On Friday our immediate family, as well as Lynne, Erick and Katie loaded into our cars for a trip to the Grand Canyon. My, oh my, is that a big hole in the ground. There really is no way to wrap your brain around the scope of that thing.
Upon our arrival at this magnificent splendor, we parked and began to walk along the path that skirts the rim. We got to see a cloud floating around the middle of the canyon trailing rain as it went. A bit further along there was a lookout that jutted a tiny bit out into the canyon itself. As we wiggled our way out into the predictable crowd, the skies darkened and we could see lightening flashing along the far eastern end. I think Erick probably took about a hundred pictures trying to catch that one lightening shot. Alas it was to no avail. Patience did win out, though, in that a few moments later we got to view the faintest of rainbows delicately arcing its way over the chasm. I snapped a picturein which you can just barely make out the colors.
After loading everyone back into cars, we headed over to the token tourist site gift shop extravaganza for a look around. There we purchased a magnet for me, a shot glass for Chris and of course the inevitable post card to send off to Shelby and Sarah Bupp. We all signed it and dropped it off before ever leaving The Natural Wonder of the World Exploitation Center (my name, not theirs).

About the time that we decided to drive back home, the sun came out, so Erick and I ran back to take a couple more quick pictures. The difference in color and definition was very dramatic, so I’m quite glad that we did so.
We left the Grand Canyon with enough time to make it to N’awlins restaurant in Prescott where we WERE the late night crowd. We enjoyed the nice atmosphere, some yummy corn fritters, house drinks and amazingly delicious desserts, as well as each others’ pleasant company.
Speaking of company, Erick and Katie have flown back home now, but we get to spend another week with Lynne. Perhaps we’ll get the chance to go on another fun adventure before she heads out to Colorado to visit more family.

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