Plant Spacing a la Mel Bartholomew

I found this chart on GardenWeb. I’ve found it to be quite helpful. If anyone else is following the square foot method, maybe this’ll be useful to you.

In the following list, all spacings are according to Mel in SFG (chapter 18) unless otherwise indicated (Mel left a few out!)

Basil 1/sqft (Note: WAY too small for some of us in warmer climates! Try 1/4 sqft, or plant 1/sqft and trim that sucker like crazy!)
Beans: bush (French) 9/sqft
Beans: pole (Runner) 8/sqft
Beets 16/sqft
Broccoli 1/sqft
Cabbage 1/sqft
Carrots 16/sqft
Cauliflower 1/sqft
Celery 4/sqft (6″)
Chard(Swiss) 4/sqft
Corn 1/sqft
Cucumbers 2/sqft in a row of 4 sqft (6″ apart along middle of sqft row)
Daffodils 36/sqft
Eggplant 1/sqft (Note: those of us in hot climates find this MUCH too small for eggplant!)
Garlic 4/sqft (6″) Some say 9/sqft (4″)
Leeks 9/sqft (see special technique in 2/96 OG)
Lettuce 4/sqft
Marjoram 4/sqft (according to sqft reader Kevin M. Wilson)
Muskmelons 1/sqft (grow in row of 4 squares, on trellis)
Okra 1-2/sqft
Onions 16/sqft
Oregano 1-4/sqft
Parsley 4/sqft
Peas 8/sqft
Peppers 1/sqft
Potatoes 1/sqft
Radishes 16/sqft
Savory 1/sqft
Scallions 36/sqft (2″)
Spinach 9/sqft
Squash Summer: vine-type 3/4sqft (see special grid); bush-type 1/3sqft Winter: 1/2sqft (see special grid)
Thyme 4/sqft
Tomatoes bush-type: 4/4sqft (see special grid); vine-type 1/sqft (in row of 4 on trellis)
Watermelon bush-type 1/sqft; vine-type 1/2sqft – both kinds along trellis
Zucchini 1/sqft

primary source for table: squarefootgardening. org .uk/sqftspacings. htm, 6/2003. This is very helpful information from Mel’s website on converting standard seed spacings to sqft spacing:“Depending on the mature size of the plant, grow 1, 4, 9, or 16 equally spaced plants per square foot. If the seed packet recommends plant spacing be 12 inches apart, plant one plant per square foot. If 6 inch spacing; 4 per square foot. If 4 inch spacing; 9 per square foot. If 3 inch spacing; 16 per square foot.”
Image by: fuzzy (ed. by ray_scheel)


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