O.K. so I haven’t done this before, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m probably going to write a little bit about everyone so I may as well introduce them. As for me, well there’s not a whole lot to say. I’m 35 and female. I have a husband, Chris, & two kids, Maya and Kajsa. I love to cook, garden and read. Lately I’ve been totally absorbed in travelogues. Perhaps its because I so often want to escape the confines of my minimal(ist) life.

We live in a small town in Arizona that we moved to two months ago. Before that we were living in the sprawling suburbs of Seattle. Everything was at our fingertips, but the cost of living was outrageous. So we moved. We are currently living rent free, which sounds great until you factor in that I have to drive my children about 45 minutes to go to school, doctors, or any sort of social interactions. Basically this means we spend hours in the car every single day and can basically kiss that 19th century pastoral life goodbye.

My husband, Chris is currently working as a handyman around town, but in June is going back to school for welding. This is something that he is completely fascinated by and can hardly wait for. Must be the elemental aspects of fire and metal…

Maya is going into 8th grade next fall. She will be the editor of the yearbook and has been accepted into pre-algebra. We’re quite proud of these achievements. She’s slowly getting used to living so far away from everything. I don’t know if she realizes how cool it is to walk out the door and be able to just explore for miles. Its just not Lindsay Lohan enough, I guess.

Kajsa is 23 and ½ months. Do the math and you end up with a sassy little temper tantrum just waiting to blow. Fortunately, her base personality is really sweet. Like her sister, Kajsa seems to pretty smart. She amazes me with the little things she just picks up on. Maybe they’re all like that and we’re just supposed to sit back in awe of our children. Either way, its pretty cool.

On another note…Kajsa has a chronic illness that I’ll probably be blogging about in one way or another. She has End Stage Renal Disease. What this means is that she was born with kidneys about the size of a pencil eraser and quickly grew to overpower their ability to do their job. Which is, by the way, more stuff than I ever realized. If it were physically possible; I’d tell you to bend over and give your kidneys a big ole’ thank you kiss. Kajsa has her own site at if you want to know more. I might actually move some of her archived material over here, though.

Well, that’s probably enough stuff to start with. I’ll get back later.


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